A Life In Balance:
Delicious, Plant-Based Recipes for Optimal Health

A Life in Balance: Delicious, Plant-Based Recipes for Optimal Health is my new cookbook. I’ve packed it with healthy, plant-based recipes that are easy and delicious. i’ve also included some tips for getting and staying healthy.

Plant-based diet expert T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., my hero (!) graciously agreed to write the foreword, and another amazing person, Olympic gold runner Joan Benoit Samuelson – a fellow Mainer – wrote the preface for this book. I also got some great help from many contributors, both famous, and not so famous friends, including NBA great and talk show host John Salley, The New York Times best-selling author and life coach Kathy Freston and animal rights activist Heather Mills, a fellow amputee.

I’m very excited for the release in October of this helpful cookbook, by Down East Books. You can preorder your copy for 33 percent off! This would make a great holiday gift for someone you love!

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Becoming Whole

Becoming Whole, The Story of My Complete Recovery from Breast Cancer
I’m proud to note that my first book – the story of my journey back to health – has been endorsed by some of the nation’s most influential doctors and includes a foreword by
T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., the leading expert on the link between diet and health. I hope my story inspires you on your own journey to excellent health. Becoming Whole also includes a directory of recommended readings and helpful professionals, a month’s worth of Healing Menu Plans, a photo album, and many of my favorite healthy recipes.

Becoming Whole is available in many New England bookstores, online at places like lulu.com and amazon.com, and directly through my site (below).

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Breast Cancer Exposed

Meg Wolff's Fresh Start Guide

Fresh Start Guide

Meg Wolff’s Fresh Start Guide: Easy Recipes & Tips for Eating Healthier
Ready to get healthy? That’s fantastic! Congratulations! Now don’t let it be daunting. My new download-only e-booklet is designed to give you instant information that will help you get started.

The booklet contains information and tips about three categories of foods that I consider essential to a healthy diet: Whole Grains, Vegetables and Beans. I’ve packed this little guide full of tips and easy, delicious recipes.

I realized it would be great for people to get the information they’re seeking instantly … that’s why I’ve put this into download-only form. This booklet will prove to you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult at all and it certainly isn’t boring. Let’s get started on a healthy lifestyle together!

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Fresh Start Guide

Breast Cancer Exposed

Breast Cancer Exposed: The Connection Between Food and Survival
My second book shows, through Joyce Tenneson’s poignant and sensitive photos, the results of my mastectomy. It also describes, in my words, the all-important connection between the food choices we make and our health and well being.

I want to raise awareness that there are costs for putting overly processed and chemically treated food into our bodies – and often we pay with our health or our lives. I firmly believe that changing my diet dramatically changed – and ultimately saved – my life.

The inspiration for this book came to me one night in April 2003 when I was just starting to write Becoming Whole. Asking for guidance led to this realization: For people to truly understand my message, I had to be willing to expose my body and show what I had experienced.

It was terrifying to consider having these photos taken. But I trusted my instincts and my friend and photography mentor, Joyce Tenneson … and took a leap of faith. I hope you’ll order a copy for yourself, a relative or friend facing a mastectomy, or for anyone facing a serious illness or other obstacles. And I hope you’ll find it reassuring and helpful.

$19.00 + tax & shipping – U.S. Orders Only – International Ordering Coming Soon

Breast Cancer Exposed