1. What’s a macrobiotic lifestyle all about?
The basic idea: It’s a plant-based diet made up of organic whole grains, beans, vegetables, sea vegetables, soups, some fruit, seafood – and no junk food.

But it’s also about doing healthy things for your body, such as eating three balanced meals a day, not eating three hours before bedtime, getting exercise, chewing your food well, eating reasonable portions, and – actually sitting down and taking your time to eat!

A macrobiotic healing diet, like I followed initially, has strict limits. For healthy people, a wide variety of good foods – far wider than the typical American’s diet – are enjoyed.

2. How does a person start eating this way?
You can take a simple step today toward creating a more balanced, healthy body. Have oatmeal for breakfast! Or some carrots and broccoli or steamed cabbage with brown rice for dinner. Becoming Whole contains lots of great recipes and a month-long menu planner – as well as a directory of macrobiotic experts – to get you started. You might consider taking a macrobiotic cooking class, or consulting with a macrobiotic counselor – there’s probably one nearby.

And please visit my blog for more resources

3. Why is it called macrobiotics?
A lot of people ask that question! “Macro” means “large” or ”long,” and “biotics” means “life.” So think of it as a way toward a “longer, larger life.”

Transitioning to Healthier Eating

People often tell me that they’d like to make improvements in their diet but they just don’t know how to begin.

First, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not trying to convert everyone to a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle! I do highly recommend the diet, though, especially for anyone needing to recover from an illness. And I do that with confidence. It worked for me, and I know many others who credit macrobiotics with saving their lives.

I do recognize that it’s daunting to think about really improving your way of eating. I know that from experience, too – I was a major junk-food junkie! Please understand that you don’t have to do it all at once. Applaud yourself for the small steps you take to eat healthier, and you’ll be surprised by how one step leads to another.

You can find additional helpful information about living your life in balance at my blog and through my books. Remember to feel great about your small steps, and best of luck to you!